piatok 27. januára 2012

AP bag arrived!

Hello pretties! ^^
As I mentioned in my last post, I ordered an AP bag from egl. And it has finally arrived! YAY! *^o^*

Here it is in it's full prettiness! 

Just like on every AP item, there are also many beautiful details here like this inside pocket with the logo and a cute little crown

or this lovely heart on the zipper. I love it so much!

I already made some casual outfits with the bag. This one is combined with navy blue, white and pink.

Cardigan and dress are from Koton and blouse is from DoL from Taobao.

Hello! ^^
 Another outfit is a bit more sweet/classical. Handmade skirt with carousel ponies under which I had floral Bodyline pannier, H&M off white blouse and cardigan.

I had this outfit on the day of opened doors at our school, which I'll show you next time ^__~
Until then have a nice day! 
!!Bye bye!!

2 komentáre:

  1. Krásnaaa! Aj outfit krasotný, na ten z dňa otvorených dverí sa tešííím :-) (náhľad už vidím a tá sukňa sa mi páčiii!)

  2. jeeeej ďakujeem ^^ sa teším že sa ti páči! hneď sa idem pustiť do ďalšieho članočku z DOD! (>o<)