nedeľa 26. februára 2012

New Petticoat and Salopette Progress

Hey hou! ^^
 How are you doing?
I feel quite bad, cause I'm ill again ˘__˘ but I do my best to get well again until  Thursday, because I plan to do a little Tea Party! ^^

After long time I finished my pink petticoat! ^^ YAY! 
First it was supposed to be an Fairy Kei skirt, but than I realized that it stands out too much and it's pretty strong to hold a skirt, so it's an FairyKeiPetticoat right now xD

I plan to add there some cute little lace, or ribbon on the ends, because the tulle which is made of is pretty hard and hurts my legs.

My salopette is still not done yet, because I started only on Friday.  ˘__˘

But I think that it would be done soon (at least the skirt part).  
I know have a real mess in my room xD but I call it "creative organized mess" ^^

 I made some cute wirst cuffs too ^^ 

They will match my salopette perfectly. ~^__^~ I can't wait to wear it all together.

Maybe I should add some pearl chain to them..dunno yet o,..,O
 Everything is in process!
Thank you for reading! 
Have a nice weekend!

piatok 3. februára 2012

All those beautiful salopette

This morning, I woke up as usual, made myself a healthy breakfast (not as usual) and turned my computer on. Of course, like every time lately, my first click was on egl_comm_sales xD (I feel so bad for that) and I saw something so damn cute for sale!

It's not like I didn't see it before. I already saw lots of them on official webside, and also worn on the internet. It just didn't catch my attention like today. xD First, I wanted to buy it, but then I stopped myself that I have to save money.
So, I spent a little more time looking at them....

...and finally I decited to make one myself! ^^

I don't really know how, and how the result will look like, but I  know how it should look like and that's important!
 I already bought some fabric, laces, ribbons and buttons in mint x dark pink colors.

I'm looking forward to make this dress!
Fingers crossed  >__<

utorok 31. januára 2012

The Day of opened Doors

Hello there! ^__^
As I promised, here is a little article about the day of opened doors at our school.
I study sculpture on an art hight school. Many people doesn't believe me when I say that. I'm not sure why... xD Sometimes it's quite hard work, but we have great teachers who help us a lot.
I don't know yet, if one day I'll work as an sculptor. I like to experiment with many different materials as you will see in my work I did at school.

First, of course, what I wore xD

Coord I made before, with my new AP bag. I really like this skirt! It's made of quite thick fabric, so it's perfect for colder days like this one (today it's -8°C *__*)

And here it is worn:


There were some old works of students displayed but mainly our semester works which we completed about week ago x

The theme was a tea leaves storage. Such a cute idea, don't you think? ^^ Although I wanted to make a jewel first, our teachers (which have had main word by choosing a theme) decided otherwise.

So we started to design a variety of jars and bins until we had at least 15 useful drafts. We discussed a lot with our teachers and sometimes it was really hard to satisfy our and also their visions. xD 
But in the end we came up with someting what we all liked (in my case what I liked and enforced (x )


I really like how it came out!

The name of this work is "The Warm Connects"

Because when you feel cold you drink a cup of hot tea, or you put on some warm sweater.

So I connected inside warm ~> tea, which is hidden inside of the cold stone jar, and outside warm ~> sweater, which is put on the outside of the jar. I connected also a bit unusual combination of stone and textiles. 
I hope you like my semester work ^___^
Thank you for reading
See you soon!

piatok 27. januára 2012

AP bag arrived!

Hello pretties! ^^
As I mentioned in my last post, I ordered an AP bag from egl. And it has finally arrived! YAY! *^o^*

Here it is in it's full prettiness! 

Just like on every AP item, there are also many beautiful details here like this inside pocket with the logo and a cute little crown

or this lovely heart on the zipper. I love it so much!

I already made some casual outfits with the bag. This one is combined with navy blue, white and pink.

Cardigan and dress are from Koton and blouse is from DoL from Taobao.

Hello! ^^
 Another outfit is a bit more sweet/classical. Handmade skirt with carousel ponies under which I had floral Bodyline pannier, H&M off white blouse and cardigan.

I had this outfit on the day of opened doors at our school, which I'll show you next time ^__~
Until then have a nice day! 
!!Bye bye!!

pondelok 9. januára 2012

~Just News~

I'm getting a bit nervous, because egl_comm_sales is slowly getting in my most viewed pages on the top lately! xD
Anyway I stay a strong  woman, because I ordered only one thing! Ladies and gentlemen, my second AP item ~>

Isn't it beautiful? ^^

It's pretty simple, so I can wear it also with my casual coordinates. Perhaps to school too, but I don't know yet how big it is inside, and I carry looots of stuff with me x)

Here is Sae wearing it.

I already necessarily needed some pink bag! I just realized that ALL my lolita clothes contain some pink, and my only lolita bag is red. xD
I was a bit bored, so I took some pictures what I wore yesterday:

Just casual coordinate: bloomers and bow from Bodyline, sweater from Koton. 
Bracelet I made myself! ^^

And here is what I wore today!
Skirt is my beloved Baby, cardigan, OTK socks and necklace are from Koton and bow I made myself.

Smile! ~^o^~*

Thank you for viewing! I hope to see you soon 
(to show you my new bag! xD just kiddi'n)
*Bye Byee!*

utorok 3. januára 2012

Bitter chocolate donut charm

This was one of my christmas presents for a friend. She loves donuts! I hope you will like it too!

What we need to prepare:
  • brown and light brown felt 
  • colorful beads
  • scissors 
  • thread 
  • pins and needles 
  • hanger for phone 
  • can or CD 
  • stuffing

Draw two circles on light brown felt. You can use can, CD, cup, just needs to be a circle. :) 

Cut the circles out.

Now we need to cut out a hole in the middle.

I think that best way to cut in the center is to fold circle in half and than again in half. And than just cut a bit! xD

I fixed tiny imperfections with little scissors and cut out another hole in the second circle.

Sew along the inner.

Let's make icing! 
I took dark brown felt and just cut out random circle shape,

like this!

and same random middle hole.

Sew colorful beads as sprinkle.

I added also a violet heart!

Sew icing with sprinkles on the donut.

And start to stitch upper and bottom part of donut together.

In the end leave one or two cm and fill donut with stuffing.

When it's full enoug, stitch to the end.

Tadaaaaaa! And done!

Thank you for reading!