streda 9. novembra 2011

Fluffy bag Charm

Hello my pretties!
Since Halloween is gone there wasn't anything new here! I started my very first part-time work, so sadly I don't have much of free time. But yesterday I finally found some leisure time and I made just a quick project I was laying aside a while.
I made a cute fluffy tail charm on a bag.
I know that it's not a novelty and there are many things like that in almost every fashion shop...outland. Here in Slovakia I didn't find anything like that.
When I mentioned, that I'm searching for something like that in front of my grandma, she told me she has many fur things in the cellar.

So I got my cute, fluffy, soft  tail! I do better not think about what it is from and if it was alive before. Sometimes unknowing is the best thing! ˘__˘

I took some ribbons for a bow and pearls,

Making the bow...

...adding pearls, 

and sew it on the tail.

 Take this thing (I know my vocabulary is perfect! x) )

and sew it between two leather parts.

Tadaaa! Quick, cute an easy! ^__^  I think I love it! He definitely needs a name! He has character! xD

Now I just need some new bags!
Thank you for reading! HUGS!! <3

utorok 1. novembra 2011

Halloween Lolita Meet up

Hello everyone! ^^
Just a few fotos from our little halloween meet up!

and Sysa

 We made a little photoshoot on the historical graveyard and in a small park nearby. It was quite cold, so after a while we moved to a small pancake restaurant.

My hairstyle was quite messy after a while, but originally those were hairbuns with eye bows I made. xD 

The whole outfit is offbrand. I tried my best to create something halloween-able from my tiny sweet  wardrobe.

I hope you liked it and thank you for reading! ^^