pondelok 31. októbra 2011

Frankie the Pumpkin

Hello again! ^.^

Just a quick post to show you my pumpkin!

He's name is Frankie. I like him very much ^.^

For his nose and cheek I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

Do you have a pumpkin for Halloween too? I would like to know! ^^ Thank you for your time x)

Preparing for Halloween part 3

Hello my darlings!
This is my last Haloween project before Halloween will officially start.I enjoyed crafting for this holiday so much, that I'm thinking about another amazing project with monster, zombie and sugar skull theme. I have so many ideas, but sadly no time for realization x(
But to the project!

I found this old bone hand ~>

Perfect for Halloween isn't it? ^^

I took tiny piece of lace and tulle,

gather tulle to a ruffle,

and sew it in the bottom of lace. We have a tiny wirstcuff for our bone hand! ^^

Sticked our wirstcuff to the bone hand and added bows,

And here we have a new brooch, perfect for skirt like an "pervy hand" xD
Thank you for reading!

sobota 29. októbra 2011

Preparing for Halloween part 2

Hello there!
Here I am with my second halloween idea! ^^ Today we're going to make hairbows with spooky eyes! I saw something like that on the internet and I love that idea, especially with hairbuns! 
For bows I used an old black velvet tanktop again, thicker white thread and of course pins and needles.
Eyes are made of fimo. 

Here we go!

Here is the tank top. This one is too short for me too and I did't wear it for ages.

I cut it in sewed parts for easier work with it. Than I measured cca 22x7 cm and marked it with pins. 

Put bottom hem away for later and cut first piece out.

Than lay it on the fabric, pin it and cut out another piece.

It does't matter if they aren't perfect, because now we're gonna sew edges the way I used on our tissue pocket.

I used thicker thread and thicker needle to make it more visible.

It looks a bit better x)

Fold in halves inside out and sew ends together.

Now we have a short tunnel which we're gonna tie in the middle.

Take a little piece of our bottom hem,

and sew it in the middle. The bow is done! ^^

For our eyes...I took two huge and four small white balls, two green, two brown, two yellow and two black.

First, I mixed green, brown and yellow together into small balls and flatten them a bit.

Put black balls on it and flatten them too.

Last ones are the white balls.

Now take something smooth and plastic and push it on the eyes lightly. This way you stick everything together better and also smooth your finger prints.

Put green iris part on the white balls and bake as described.

Glue eyes on the bows and we're finished! 

Here are they worn. It's me, in my hallowen outfit! Can't wait to show you whole outfit ~^o^~

Thank you for reading!

štvrtok 27. októbra 2011

Preparing for Halloween part 1

Hello my dearies! ^^
As you probably know Halloween is comming really fast! It's one om my favourite holidays, although it's not celebrated here very much, but it's getting more popular from year to year. This year I'm not going to dress up in any costume, because there's going to be Halloween meet up with my lovely lolitas ^^ I'm looking forward to it and my outfit is already prepared...except accessories! Our dress code is in gothic style with black, red and orange colours. I decided  to make it more monster/zombie/whatever themed to fit up more with halloween spirit. I was thinking a lot about it, browsing the internet and what I found was absolutely creepy, cute, funny and "shoddy" at once! Thing I'm talking about is called "sugar skull". I found some info here if you want to know more about meaning and the tradition from Mexico.
Now to our little Halloween project! First thing I'm going to show you is how to make those cute sugar skull brooches! I love them to death! xD Left one is Flora and the right one is Prescilla. In the middle is Lisa. Nice to meet you!

What I used:
  • black and white felt 
  • thin filling 
  • threads in many colours
  • scissors 
  • pins and needles 
  • acrylic paint and brush (if you don't have as many colour as you want)
  • pen and paper for sketch

Here we go!

First, make some sketches. It's always very useful. This one I used also as a pattern. 

Cut it out and fold in halves. This way you can shape both sides, same way, at once.

Take your color pens and creativity and make some drafts!

Here is mine!

Redraw pattern on the felt twice.

Since on black felt won't be seenable any marker we need to make it other way! Cut the "eye" part and the "nose" part out.

Pin it on the felt and cut it around

I don't have many colours, but the main thing:

the PINK thread is missing! That's horrible! I needed to improvise...

I mixed red and white acrylic colour and painted with outcome pink thicker thread.

Here is it! It was somehow my experiment, but result was quite ok! ^^

With this pink thread I sewed on Prescilla's eyes.

Than nose and mouth...

...and in the end some deco embroidery!

Floras head's backside - so many tiny details! xO

Now we need to cut out the filling. I did it as by eyes and nose - pin it on the filling and cut around.

Done! Let's sew it!

I sew back and front sides together and we're finished! ^^

I hope you like this little halloween project and make sure to check the next part with eyeball bows! 

sobota 15. októbra 2011

Nostalgic Cuteness pt3.

Hello there! ^^ 
Today I'm going to show you again, what to do with old nice things, which you just can't throw away. This time I used old Barbie shoes! I found some old Barbie stuff this summer at my grandmother's place and I thought it could be nice to make some accessories from it.
When I was a little girl I loved to play with Barbie dolls, even my mother called me Barbie! It was so fun dressing them up, decorating their huge pink Barbie house, brushing their hair and playing with them funny stories.
But to our crafting...


...here are those pretties! They are so cute! They have also inside written, which one is left and which is right! I never noticed that!

I took some ribbons, tiny fimo sweets and pins for earrings, and I started crafting!

First pair of earrings will be with two different shoes, tiny cherries and  a cake.

You can also stick some decoration on the shoes, but I let them plain this time.

Take two short pieces of ribbons,

make them into bows,

and stick shoes and cherries with cake on them.

Voilá! Earrings are done! It's so simple! Now to the second pair.

As by first pair I made two bows. This time I've choosen pink dotted ribbons.

All I did was just stick shoes and bows together. Simple as piece of cake, and it works great!

Here are worn:

Thank you for reading! <3