sobota 15. októbra 2011

Nostalgic Cuteness pt3.

Hello there! ^^ 
Today I'm going to show you again, what to do with old nice things, which you just can't throw away. This time I used old Barbie shoes! I found some old Barbie stuff this summer at my grandmother's place and I thought it could be nice to make some accessories from it.
When I was a little girl I loved to play with Barbie dolls, even my mother called me Barbie! It was so fun dressing them up, decorating their huge pink Barbie house, brushing their hair and playing with them funny stories.
But to our crafting... are those pretties! They are so cute! They have also inside written, which one is left and which is right! I never noticed that!

I took some ribbons, tiny fimo sweets and pins for earrings, and I started crafting!

First pair of earrings will be with two different shoes, tiny cherries and  a cake.

You can also stick some decoration on the shoes, but I let them plain this time.

Take two short pieces of ribbons,

make them into bows,

and stick shoes and cherries with cake on them.

Voilá! Earrings are done! It's so simple! Now to the second pair.

As by first pair I made two bows. This time I've choosen pink dotted ribbons.

All I did was just stick shoes and bows together. Simple as piece of cake, and it works great!

Here are worn:

Thank you for reading! <3

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