pondelok 31. októbra 2011

Preparing for Halloween part 3

Hello my darlings!
This is my last Haloween project before Halloween will officially start.I enjoyed crafting for this holiday so much, that I'm thinking about another amazing project with monster, zombie and sugar skull theme. I have so many ideas, but sadly no time for realization x(
But to the project!

I found this old bone hand ~>

Perfect for Halloween isn't it? ^^

I took tiny piece of lace and tulle,

gather tulle to a ruffle,

and sew it in the bottom of lace. We have a tiny wirstcuff for our bone hand! ^^

Sticked our wirstcuff to the bone hand and added bows,

And here we have a new brooch, perfect for skirt like an "pervy hand" xD
Thank you for reading!

2 komentáre:

  1. Rucca shmatralka! XD

    Happy Halloween, Bashka! (:

  2. nevedela som nijak použitelne preložiť ruku šmátralku, tak vznikla PervyHand! xD aj tebe pekný Halloween Dadii! *^__^*