sobota 29. októbra 2011

Preparing for Halloween part 2

Hello there!
Here I am with my second halloween idea! ^^ Today we're going to make hairbows with spooky eyes! I saw something like that on the internet and I love that idea, especially with hairbuns! 
For bows I used an old black velvet tanktop again, thicker white thread and of course pins and needles.
Eyes are made of fimo. 

Here we go!

Here is the tank top. This one is too short for me too and I did't wear it for ages.

I cut it in sewed parts for easier work with it. Than I measured cca 22x7 cm and marked it with pins. 

Put bottom hem away for later and cut first piece out.

Than lay it on the fabric, pin it and cut out another piece.

It does't matter if they aren't perfect, because now we're gonna sew edges the way I used on our tissue pocket.

I used thicker thread and thicker needle to make it more visible.

It looks a bit better x)

Fold in halves inside out and sew ends together.

Now we have a short tunnel which we're gonna tie in the middle.

Take a little piece of our bottom hem,

and sew it in the middle. The bow is done! ^^

For our eyes...I took two huge and four small white balls, two green, two brown, two yellow and two black.

First, I mixed green, brown and yellow together into small balls and flatten them a bit.

Put black balls on it and flatten them too.

Last ones are the white balls.

Now take something smooth and plastic and push it on the eyes lightly. This way you stick everything together better and also smooth your finger prints.

Put green iris part on the white balls and bake as described.

Glue eyes on the bows and we're finished! 

Here are they worn. It's me, in my hallowen outfit! Can't wait to show you whole outfit ~^o^~

Thank you for reading!

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