piatok 3. februára 2012

All those beautiful salopette

This morning, I woke up as usual, made myself a healthy breakfast (not as usual) and turned my computer on. Of course, like every time lately, my first click was on egl_comm_sales xD (I feel so bad for that) and I saw something so damn cute for sale!

It's not like I didn't see it before. I already saw lots of them on official webside, and also worn on the internet. It just didn't catch my attention like today. xD First, I wanted to buy it, but then I stopped myself that I have to save money.
So, I spent a little more time looking at them....

...and finally I decited to make one myself! ^^

I don't really know how, and how the result will look like, but I  know how it should look like and that's important!
 I already bought some fabric, laces, ribbons and buttons in mint x dark pink colors.

I'm looking forward to make this dress!
Fingers crossed  >__<

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