utorok 3. januára 2012

Bitter chocolate donut charm

This was one of my christmas presents for a friend. She loves donuts! I hope you will like it too!

What we need to prepare:
  • brown and light brown felt 
  • colorful beads
  • scissors 
  • thread 
  • pins and needles 
  • hanger for phone 
  • can or CD 
  • stuffing

Draw two circles on light brown felt. You can use can, CD, cup, plate...it just needs to be a circle. :) 

Cut the circles out.

Now we need to cut out a hole in the middle.

I think that best way to cut in the center is to fold circle in half and than again in half. And than just cut a bit! xD

I fixed tiny imperfections with little scissors and cut out another hole in the second circle.

Sew along the inner.

Let's make icing! 
I took dark brown felt and just cut out random circle shape,

like this!

and same random middle hole.

Sew colorful beads as sprinkle.

I added also a violet heart!

Sew icing with sprinkles on the donut.

And start to stitch upper and bottom part of donut together.

In the end leave one or two cm and fill donut with stuffing.

When it's full enoug, stitch to the end.

Tadaaaaaa! And done!

Thank you for reading!

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