pondelok 2. januára 2012

ILD + Christmas meet up

Hello everyone! ^^
Long time no see! I hope u all had wonderful and unforgettable Christmas, and most important thing ~> you spent them with your beloved ones!
Few days before Xmas we met with my lovely lolita friends to celebrate International Lolita Day (with a little delay ) and of course, incoming Christmas :)

This time I organized a meet up. I did it for the first time, so I was a bit nervous x) But luckily, everything went smoothly and everyone had fun! ^^ (I hope so!)

We used great weather firts to take some pictures. I was so happy because from morning sun was shining and it was quite warm!

We visited Christmas markets to find caramel apples. And we were successful! :) 

We all wanted them since my "Eat an apple get a prince" article xD 

When we were already too tired for walking we ended up in BONBON chocolatery. We were there in summer on our international meet up with girls from Austria. That time was personal so nice and helpful, so we decited to go there this time too!

And again BONBON didn't disappoint! ^^

Everyone was so nice, and everything was so delicious that I forgot to take picture before everything was gone! xD I ate together with Sysa again. We had hot milk chocolate with chopped nuts and hot raspberries. Yummy yummy =3

We also brought presents to each other, it was a little game. I brought present for Miyu, I made her a bracelet with little bonbon and bow brooches. She was so happy! ^^

I got present form Nataly!

There were so many things! My favourite chocolate, handmade ice lolly charms and brooch and little panda and piggy hand warmers. I love everything, it's so cute! ^^

Jack, our mostly photographer xD got this brain teaser and we all tried to decipher it.

Saddly, the more we tried,the more it was knotted. So we let it better be x)

I wore AP Little Bears Café replica, white blouse white tights, white fur collar, brown shoes and little brown bow from Sysa.

I noticed later that my outfit was a bit same thema as our meet up day ~> white colours for winter (although there was no snow outside ) and brown colours for chocolate we ate x) or not?

Thank you for reading! ^^ have a nice day!

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  1. och bolo to super skvele si to zorganizovala barborka :) aj ja by som sa mohla dokopať k niakemu menšiemu článočku....hmmmm uvidíme :)

  2. tešim že sa pačilo ^^ ja mám tento týždeň ako tak čas tak sa chystám blogovať aj dopredu :D