nedeľa 3. októbra 2010


Hello dear Visitors!

Welcome at my little picnic, in the world where nobody wants to grow up, in the world full of ribbons and bows, sweets and frills and other adorable stuff.

Would you like some tea? Or piece of fresh strawberry cake? Just feel comfortable! I'll tell you something about this little blog and about me.

I'm Bashenka, I'm 16 and I'm from Slovakia. I love creating lovely things, baking, drawing...but my biggest obsession is lolita fashion. Personaly I don't take myself as a lolita. Not yet. I think I'm still not ready for such thing as LIFESTYLE LOLITA. I take this blog as something, that would help me"grow up" into the perfect lifestyle lolita. But do not fear, the whole blog won't be all about me I would like to share with you some of my creations, tutorials or just any adorable things I'll find. Hope you'll like it here.
That's me! ^___^
                                                                       Take care <3

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