streda 24. augusta 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge -> Day 1

I don't know if I understand this first day well, but I tried my best! So here we go! 

;162 1. I know lolita for more than 4 years, but if I would have started to wear it back then, I would definetly end-up as ita. (probably as every beginner lolita with no research and any loli friends ^^) 

;162 2. As I mentioned in my post before, I started to take more interest in lolita fashion after my awesome boyfriend showed me Kamikaze Girls  movie. He hates himself now for this mistake. x)

;162 3. Although my boyfriend hates lolita so much, it was him who told me to buy my first brand item ~> my Baby skirt. He said it's time to stop only dreaming about it and fnally make my dreams come true. He also made a PayPal account for me! I know why I love him! ;59

;162 4. Lolita made me more crafty, because here, in Slovakia, we don't have so many loliable shops. Even in those few shops it's quite expensive. So, when I wanted to have cute little accessories (not for all my money), I had to made them by my self. I learnt a bit sewing, working with polymer clay and air drying clay, working with felt, painting on clothes and so on.

;162 5. I like lolita "rules". Really, I can't imagine Lolita without them. I love to experiment and make outfits more creative, but only if it's compatible with lolita principles like not showing too much skin, any chep lace and so on.

;162 6. Although I don't have too many opportunities to wear my lolita clothes, at least  I like to look at them. So I display them outside my closet. It makes me happy every day! ;131

;162 7. I'm lucky enough to visit an art school, where wearing uncommon clothes is not so uncommon. If I had more lolita clothes, I would wear it every day!

;162 8. I love Paris! In my opinion it's ideal lolita city with elegance, rich culture and nobility. In Paris is also BTSSB and AP store what makes it even more lolita. I plan to visit Paris next year, I hope I will save up enough money for that trip...

;162 9.I try to include some lolita accessories even into my everyday outfits. For example I wear at least bow in my hair.

;162 10.I still don't consider myself as lifestyle lolita. I like that idea very much, some of my hobbies are "loliable" like crafting, painting, sewing or baking. But I think lifestyle lolita should have much more, like"lolita spirit", not only hobbies and clothes.

My first day is (I hope) successfully finished! Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it.

Peace! Take care! ;165 

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  1. Hate is a strong word... Lets just say its not my cup-o-tea. And btw, love ya too <3