štvrtok 25. augusta 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge -> Day 2

I had so much fun writing this day, because there are so many things I love about lolita. I think that all things that make lolita fashion so special for me are here, and nothing important is left behind. I hope you will like it and I'm looking forward for your reactions! 

1. Lolita makes my day happier. In any way ~> wearing my lovely dresses, reading blogs, looking at pictures on Tumblr, talking with my loli firends...My day can be however terrible, stressful or sad, but when I come to contact with something loli, my mood rises up magical way! That's the thing I love most in this fashion ~> it's so magical!

2. Lolita friends are very important. It's not most important thing, because you wear all those clothes on yourself, no one else can wear it for you. But it's soo much more fun when you can share your new discoveries with someone, when you start to craft something together, when you will need some help with that complicated LJ, or someone with same troubles like: "Is this petticoat poofy enough?!". It's always great when there is somebody for you, who understands and loves the same things like you do. I don't have many lolita friends and our lolita community is quite new so sadly I didn't have many chances to get to know our lolitas here better. But my dearest loli friend, Sysa, is just great! We plan to do together "Loli Creative Workshops", Tea parties and Group Orders. I'm looking forward to all that!

3. Meet ups are fun. Of course not every time. There are all those troublesome things like rain on your picnic, annoying people in community, or just people around who stare, make fun, or annoy with photographing  and silly questions. Yes. We all know that. But anyhow, just don't mind the bad things and enjoy the good ones. Best thing about meet ups is that in huge group you don't look so strange and after while you don't absolutely mind weird stares from people around. You can enjoy meet up programm without bad feeling about inconvenience around.

4. Internet communities are amazing. So much inspiration in so many different ways ~> blogs, vlogs, Tumblr, EGL...It's very interesting to see lolitas from all around world. Different places, different culture, different ways of coordinates...I just love browsing web! It's almost my daily routine. 

5. Nice compliments are the best. It makes me than much more comfortable and I don't mind anymore that I look different. Just one nice compliment makes all day more special. ^^

6. I can use a lot of creativity. To make a good outfit is quite difficult. My wardrobe is very very small, so I need to wear my clothes few times in a row. So I need to make skirt or dress in a bit different coordinate each time. Although it's fun and I like to think about next coordinate or create some new accessories for it.

7. Poofy poofy skirts. Whole silhouette is just so pretty! Perfect cupcake poof look so dolly, and it makes princess sense. But sometimes it's a bit troublesome, like when you need to sit on two bus seats, or when a doors are too narrow and you walk thru sideways.

8. Bows all over. I love bows. No no, I LOOOOOVE bows!! I can put them anywhere. And there is never enough! I wear at least one bow every day. ^^

9. Only good quality lace. Since I wear lolita I look only for good quality lace everywhere. Even on every day clothes or "non-lolita clothes". I love tulle lace, I think it's ideal for cute sweet clothes. Cotton lace is perfect for classic lolita.

10. Magical prints. Every print hide in itself some story or fairytale. It's interesting imagine what should it mean. Just like children's picture book with no text which growth their creativity and imagination.It makes to dress charakter. It gives to it mysterious, infantile or cute look.

Thank you for reading! How about your favourite things about lolita? 
Have a nice day!  ~^__^~


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