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30 Day Lolita Challenge -> Day 7

Hello everyone! How is your weekend?
Today I'm going to show you 10 people who inspire my style. These are mostly blogers and vlogers which I follow and adore so much. It took me a bit longer, because I wanted to tell you about each person at least one short sentence. Mostly how do they dress and why I like their style. I hope you enjoy and maybe find something new and interesting!


Victoria Suzanne is somehow like a root of my lolita blooming. Her blog was among the first things I discovered, when I searched for informations about this style.The outfits she makes are always pretty, soft and elegant, but of course they were changing and growing after time. I like that she sometimes adds into her lolita coordinates some elements from other cute styles like fairy kei or hime gyaru.
Of course I also have to mention her articles about lolita, lifestyle or just some tips for a months etc. They all are perfect and inspiring! Sometimes they make my day or offers encouragement when wearing lolita.
Dear V. S., please never stop writting!


Probably like every other sweet lolita my biggest japanese lolita hero! x) When I imagine perfect lifestyle lolita the first person I think of is Misako. She is pretty, cute, kind...and mostly she cares about her fans alot! She organizes tea parties, writes her own blog, answers on her FB page and even more! I hope she will wear lolita even when she becomes old lady! It will be definitely kawaii! xD


Violet is really an interesting person. I really like her style even it's not lolita anymore, she's more up to hime, and sometimes her outfits remind me 50's style. Thing I like about her the most are her tutorials! Although she makes only simple bow it looks great, and it is written very simple way step by step. She also posts REALLY often, what I admire alot...wish I would post at least once a week!


Mio is great inspiration for my everyday outfits. Her decora/fairy kei outfits in 80's spirit on the one side and classy, mature, on the other. They all are just great, playful and detailed! As she said it's from one extreme to another. That's what I love about her.


Kerli. I'm absolutely not into cyber goth. But Kerli's bubble goth version is just love. Light pastel colours, ruffles, lace, bows and bling bling rhinestones. It's something new and original, that's why it's SO perfect. Can you imagine that most of the things in her last video she made, or decorated by her self? I think it's amazing !


 Emilia is super sweet lolita from Sweden. I like how she experiments with many accessories and different styles - mostly fairy kei in her outfits. I love her handmade accessories, especialy those from clay. I wish, one day I'll learn to make such pretty myself!


Zeruda's outfits are so perfect! At first, she was more into sweet style and pastel colours, but nowadays her style is more classic and mature with mostly dark shades of red, brown and blue, with cream. I'm in love with her colour combinations and wig styling.


Shelby is a very nice sweet lolita. Her style sometimes reminds me of Misako's. I mostly watch her videos on youtube, some of her topics are very helpful and encouraging, some are cute and fun, and some are very inspiring.


I found Jennifer long time ago (about 2 years) on youtube. She's gothic lolita, but her wardrobe includes also a few sweet (better said - more colorful) pieces. Her outfits are elegant and simple. She's very nice and helpful, she especially makes how to's and tip's and trick's, what I appreciate the most. My favorites are her hair tut's. ^^


I randomly crushed on Georginas blog not so long ago. But I must say that it was a great crash! She's very sweet, her outfits are always creative, mostly simple with cute decent details. She use mostly soft pastel colours, which are lately my favourites. I like very much her nail art, she maid also few tutorials!

Phew! I think that will be all for now! ^^ Pictures I found on the internet and on the blogs.
I hope you liked it!
See you soon!

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