nedeľa 25. septembra 2011

Pastel Raindrops ♪ Giveaway!

Giveawaaaay! At Mio's blog to celebrate more than 1000 followers. So many! 

I joined giveaway for a first time in my life! But sadly I don't have enough luck in these things and I didn't win anything yet xD  

Anyhow I would feel lucky for anyone who will win. All those pretty things ~>
  • A pair of hand painted sneakers, made in the winner's size
  • Handmade 2-way bow you can either wear as brooch or as a haiclip
  • Lovely goodies from Cute Can Kill! A shooting star necklace, rainbow ring and a button
  • Cute Rilakkuma earphones
  • A lip ring, a Mighty Harajuku button and a Spank button
  • Eyemazing Harajuku Doll lashes #501 designed by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Woah! So many!
You can find this GA here ~>

Be sure to join until October 31st 2011! 

If you didn't know Mio yet, please check her blog here:
and her  youtube channel here:  ( sadly she doesn't makes videos very often, but they all are absolutely cute and inspiring)
She's one of my biggest inspirations (more in my 7th Lolita Chalege Day ;)! You need to see her room tour!

Good luck to everyone!

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