nedeľa 25. septembra 2011

Back from Vacation

Hello my cutees! ^^

I wasn't here for long time! How were you doing? Yesteray I came back from sunny Gran Canaria, it was great holiday, best after school beginning xD

 If you will ever have chance to visit this island I absolutely recomment it to you! Atlantic ocean was surprisely not as cold as I expected and whole island is very varied. Dry hills with only rocks, cactus and prickly pears on the one side, and fresh forests and mountains with rain and fog on the other side.

That white thing above the hill is not a snow or a cloud. It's a fog falling from the other side of the hill! It was so wonderful!

Other great thing! In the store under our hotel they sold the best chocolate in the world ~> Cadbury Dairy Milk! I tasted this chocolate only once, on my trip in England, but it was love for a first bite! Of course, I brought home some more, dunno when I'll have chance eat it again...Dairy Milk! WHY Y U NO HERE?!

 Other thing I brougt with me is pretty cold, so I stay in bed as much as possible. But that gave me idea for a new article, so I hope I'll be able to write it soon. 
Btw. prepare for few new lolita purchases, because our group order from Taobao arrived! ^^
I think that's all for now. I hope your weekend is great and fun!

Take care! <3

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