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30 Day Lolita Challenge -> Day 6

Internet ~>What would I do without it? Mostly because lolita fashion is from abroad, and without internet I wouldn't know much about it. Thank you egl comm., lolita handbook and hello lace for useful informations, mostly in my beginning! x)

Crafting ~> It somehow goes together with lolita, to me. Maybe because I make especially lolita accessories (I mean cute and colorfull stuff which I wear mostly with my lolita outfits...ther's probably any specific lolita accessory)  I wear them with my "normal" clothes as well! ^^

Bows ~> I can't imagine any good enough replacement for them. Love them forever to death!

Acccessories ~> In my opinion good lolita outfit without accessories, just can't be good. Can you imagine wearing only a dress with shoes? No head peace? No wirstcuffs or bracelets? Any purse!? There's no way it can be right (!!! xD)

Confidence ~> To wear lolita (or any other uncommon clothes) in public, is confidence like "musthave". Real one, or fake one. Personaly I take all those nasty comments and weird stares badly, so I try to block myself with headphodes in my ears, reading book in the bus or just looking other way and pretending that nobody's there.

Loli Friend ~> I would probably talk with myself all the time. Or annoy other people, who don't care, or don't understand whut the hell Imma talking about all the time xD I'm so thankful for those few lolita friends I have. Luv ya <3 ^^

egl_comm_sales ~> All the clothes I have is secondhand from there. That's why.

Inspiration ~> Almost everywhere. Books, movies, old clothes, toys...and of course other beautiful lolitas all over the world! If you keep your eyes open, you can find something amazing in everything.

Fake Eyelashes  ~> I love how different eyes look with them! It gives such a dolly, girly, cute, whatever look. I would wear them every day!I just don't have any glue right now... ;__;

Cute Handbags ~> I tend to carry with me a lots of stuff, so to have a cute and refillable enough bag  is just obligation!

Thank you for reading!
Take care <3

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