sobota 3. septembra 2011

Nostalgic cuteness

So funny. It seems like yesterday when I went to grandparents'  to have fun, cooking in  "summer kitchen" flower soups, playing with my favourite toys, watching grandpa painting and modeling from clay...
Nowadays I go to grandparents'  because it's my every year habit. I try to visit them as often as I still can, because honestly, we all are not here forever. But all that magic from back then is away. We just sit and watch TV with grandma,or I discuss with grandpa art and we watch some how to's on YouTube. It's somehow nice too, but I miss that feeling when I was child and grandmas house was my kingdom full of toys and entertainment.
(oh...maybe growing up depression?! o__O)
Anyhow, when we did cellar cleaning with grandma I found my old things. Some toys, baby clothes and so on...I thought it's a pitty that all those pretty thing are here alone and unused for such a long time and it would be nice to give it second chance. I took with me few of them and I plan to run some DIY series with those old things, and maybe then even more! ^^ 
So here we go! 

This is old carousel pony! Nice to meet you. 

And this is my glue gun (and silly me xD)! I love this toy so much! Makes almost everything much more easier.

I found some ribbons and a ring, glued everything together and...Voila! ^^

Maybe I will change that bow later, but I think it's not that bad yet. 
Anyhow I hope you like this idea ~> making old cute things into new cuter ones! and I'm looking forwar for next project! 

See you next time ^^ and take care!

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