štvrtok 1. septembra 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge -> Day 5

 Hello! Today I'm gonna show you my dream items! I don't actually have any wishlist, because I like almost
 every peace from my favourite brands and I would be happy for anything. But here are few things that I would love to own mostly. Maybe next year when I will finally find some part-time job! x)

1. AP Milky-chan of the fawn ribbon JSK in brown

This is my absolutely most wanted dress! It's so cute and variable! I would love to have whole set in brown.

2. Metamorphose Fairy Tale JSK in levander

This dress is so dreamy. Just like from a fairytale! I found it not long ago, but it was love at first sight! I hope I will be able to get it one day!

 3. BTSSB Unico in Bloomland JSK in pink

This summer I was seriously thinking about my first order directly from brand. This dress is just LOVE! Simple, soft and filled with uniceorns! I love unicorns so much! World needs more unicorn prints. ^^

4. AP sweet engineer boots in pink

I love rainboots very much! And these boots look somehow like rainboots in the cutest possible way! Must have!

5. BTSSB El Dorado Applique JSK in black

Another pony print ^^. It's so simple! Perfect for casual. Maybe skirt should be very nice too.

6. Inocent World Lotta JSK in brown

My favourite dress from IW. It looks like classical version of Milky chan xD I love it!

7. Tea Party shoes in every colour

It would be my cutest collection ever! I love Tea Party shoes! I can imagine them with almost every outfit. I hope to get my pink ones soon... ~˘o˘~

8. AP Wondertrip coat in black

This coat reminds me somehow Sherlock Holmes. But in kinda cuter version x) 

9. BTSSB Umbrella in white

With our "luck" for nice weather at the meet ups, we concurred ourselves,  that to invest into burando umbrella won't be out of place. I think that classic Baby umbrella is just best! 

10. AP Angelic School rucksack in pink

 This is how looked my dream school bag, when I went to 1st class.And still I think my bag should look like this! x)

I'm done with my dream list! I hope you liked it and maybe found some inspiration or something similar to your sense. Thank you HelloLace and Google for pictures! ^^

Bye bye! See you next time!
Take care <3

4 komentáre:

  1. 4 how long were ya up last night to finish this blog ? :3 Good job ;)

  2. 1:30 AM x) but I think I don't have too many mistakes this time! xD

  3. We all definitely need brand umbrella :)

  4. It's not on your "wishlist" anymmore, but it's on a "needlist" right now! x)