utorok 30. augusta 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge -> Day 4

I was looking forward for this day! I like to eat yummy yummy food!So here we go! 

Muffins and Cupcakes ~> It's the best kind of cake I ever knew! There are many variants of them like sweet, salty, healthy, for special occasions, or just quick and simple. I love to bake them and decorate them. It's fun and relaxing!

Puding  ~> Cold and rich in summer for sweet refreshment, or hot and molten in frosty winter for heating up! Time for pudding is everytime! 

Chocolate ~> I love chocolate! Who doesn't? Need just a bit every day! ^^ 

Macarons ~> It was love at  first bite! They are just so tasty and cute! I don't have many chances to eat them, and when I tried to bake them I failed  ;__;

Sushi ~> I can eat loads of them. Especially with my awesome boyfriend! xD 

Sea Food ~>  It's so delicious and healthy! My favourites are shrimps!

Chinese Food ~> It just gets me everytime how chinese people cut some stuff, put them all together on one pan, fry them and it tastes hell-good.

McDonald's Breakfast ~> I don't particulary like McDonald's food, but the breakfast are just delicious! They taste like the real thing! xD

Fresh Fruits slices ~> Especialy in summer when I'm at my grandmother's place and I can pick everything fresh from garden! My favourites are strawberries!

Donuts ~>  With topping or filling...they are all just great! ^o^

Thank you for reading! See you tomorrow with my wishlist! =3 

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