utorok 30. augusta 2011

~Our little International Lolita Meet up ~

Yesterday we had a very nice meet up with fellow lolitas from Austria. It was so fantastic! Even the weather was great!
This time Sysa slept at my place, so we have been preparing for meet up together. It was quite fun helping each other to look perfect! It' also better to travel to meet up with somebody, instead of going only by yourself.

Four austrian girls and one boy, but no brolita ^^, arrived in the morning by ship, so we met at the harbor. I was so excited! But when I'm shy I can't speak english very well...

We walked around the castle and made some nice photos. We didn't go inside this time, because we had a reservation in one slovak restaurant "Slovak Pub". After we ate there traditional Slovak food, we made another sightseeing, ate delicious ice cream at Green Tree and went to Archaeological Museum. 

After all that walking, our feet hurt so badly that we ended in an small patisserie. We had a very delicious specialty there ~> frozen chocolate. I had it for the first time and I can only recommend it! 

I think that's all. It was such a lovely day that I can't express it all by only words. Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it! 

<3 <3 Thake care! <3 <3

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  1. Day was perfect :) Thank you for bed, together traveling, together eating and everythink :)

  2. It was my pleasure! *(^__^)* You have to visit me more often!