sobota 8. októbra 2011

Nostalgic Cuteness pt.2

Hello there!
As I said before, here I am with the new project! ^^  I found my old tank top which is already too short for me (I feel so grown up!). But it's true that I wore it in an elementary school, and it's been a few years! x)  However, I still liked it, because of the nice shades of blue. So I was thinking and thinking and I came up with making a tote bag with bunny ballerina applique. Enjoy! ;)

So,what I used for a tote bag:
  •  an old tank top
  • pins and needles
  • thread in similar shade of the tank top

This is my tank top. What do you think? Too cute to throw away!

First, turn your tank top inside out and cut all labels away.

Than make sure that you have sewed parts right over each other. 

Sew bottom parts together. You can sew this with a sewing machine few more times, just to make it stronger. Good for people like me who carry a lot of things!

Turn back and tadaaa we have a tote bag! You can line inside of the bag with some other fabric to make it a bit stable, or at least nicer.

Now, let's make bunny ballerina! We will need:
  • paper 
  • pen
  • scissors
  • white and pink felt 
  • white and black thicker thread
  • some cotton wool or felt to fill bunny a bit 

First, I sketched how should she look like. I know it's not perfect, but I kinda like it. ^^

Making patterns from our sketch.

Redraw patterns on the felt. I try to lay them as close as possible to make less unuseful parts.

Don't forget to cut out pink parts too!

Then, I sewed pink parts on the white parts. I used a bit thicker thread to make it more visible.

Do you see how cute it looks? ^^ Just like on old rag dolls! You can put a bit of cotton wool, or unused parts of felt under each layer to make it a bit poofy.

As first, I sewed on the bag lowest parts ~> ears and legs. Don't forget that distance between legs and ears is
head + body. So you should measure it before you sew! ^^

After you sewed ears+legs first, body and than hands, you can start embroider eyes on bunny's head. I used simple running stitch.

And this is how it should look when you put it all together!

I added also a tiny beauty mark and  a little star as ear clip?! x)

Some tulle as skirt. Also with little star.

Some decoration on a bag straps.

 Tadaaaa! We're finished! I hope you like the final result!

Teehee bonus me with a bag! (which you can't see properly -__-)

Thank you for reading! I hope you like it and maybe try it! If you have any questions, don't be shy and just ask! I'll be glad to answer them ^^
Have a nice weekend! ^^

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  1. Hello! :D That is the cutest thing ever! You did a really beautiful job making that bunny~. :D

  2. Hello! ^^ Thank you very very much! I'm so glad you like it Alyssa~ I think you should try it too!