sobota 8. októbra 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge -> Day 9

Wear it as a costume  Because we all try to explain random people who stare and ask, that it's not a costume, and wearing it on halloween or as cosplay is kinda contradiction...

Going to a concert I don't mean those cute Kanon Wakeshima, or somthing like that concerts, but rock or metal concert, where everybody does those funny things with their heads, and spill beer all around. -___-  Although you never know what would a crazy fan do around his idol, that mean EVERY concert can be dangerous! 

Playing sports I'm not a sport fan, so doing any sport in my pretty clothes is quite unreal. But generally I think it must be really impractical.

Cleaning house ...

Cooking or Baking           ...

Painting a picture or modeling from clay    ...Because it's all MEEEEESSY! ^^

Playing with pets I know they are cute and fluffy and huggable, but they also venture fur on your clothes, slobber, scratch and bite, and your fancy dress may not be able to survive it.

Eat something from chocolate fountain Not again! I did it once and whole my dress was a bit...ruined.

Walking in heavy rain/snow Another "not very good" idea. On our first lolita meet up we walked down the street, and suddenly it started raining heavily. What should I say...too many unpoofy skirts, wet shoes, destroyed hairstyles and transparent blouses...Since then I watch weather report before every meet up!

Going to a bar/disco/pub... I live in quite conservative and ossified country, so anything uncommon makes too much attention, and it doesn't bring much understanding. And that's not very pleasant, especially in crowded places like that.

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  1. u forgot to mention eating pancakes ... sry bout that again T__T

  2. Yes, pancakes...another dangerous thing, especially in a train with your handy boyfriend.