utorok 11. októbra 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge -> Day 10

Heey! How are you doing? ^^ Today, on my 10th challenge day,  I'm going to show you what is in my bag. I carry with me mostly a lot of things, but it depends on the day too. Sometimes is my bag realy heavy, my poor back could tell you x) Anyhow, enjoy! ^^

So, let's take a look! 

This is my bag! I have of course more bags, but this is my only lolita bag, so I've choosen her. It's from Bodyline, a AP replica, I think. I like it very much! There's a lot of space inside and it has also some side pocket, what is a big plus. On the zipper, I have an other tote bag, which is hidden in an cute red apple. It's really useful for little shopping or other stuff too big for the bag.

And this are things I carry with me mostly:
  • Bottle of water (I don't drink very much, what is very very bad, but I always try to have one with me)
  • Pencil case (I love this one so much!)
  • Wallet (A gift from my boyfriend)
  • Sunglasses (Only when sun shines, of course)
  • Tissues (Tutorial for red'n'white tissue pocket comming soon! ^^)
  • Tic Tac (Or another candy or bubble gum)
  • Cell phone (with Piggy charm, also from my awesome boyfriend ^^)
  • Pocket mirror
  • Hand cream (very important especially in winter!)
  • Lip balm 
  • Nail rasper 
  • Keys
I hope you liked it and see you soon! <3
Bye bye!

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